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Wizards of the Coast

MTG: Secret Lair- sAnS mERcY Non-Foil

MTG: Secret Lair- sAnS mERcY Non-Foil


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tHiS iS tHE mOSt bRutal, hArDeSt hiTtiNg, LEasT fORgiViNG dRoP sEcReT LAiR hAs eVeR rELeaSeD. tHe pUnIShMeNt tHesE cRUeL cARdS wiLL iNfLict iS inDEsCriBaBLe. eVeRY sInGLe sPeLL is pAiN iNcARNaTe. fEaR iS a wEaPoN. pOWeR iS eVErYtHiNg. sHoW nO mERcY. LOL

Art by Andrey Kuzinskiy, Joseph Meehan, Maxime Minard, Cynthia Sheppard, and Raymond Swanland.


  • 1x Doom Blade 
  • 1x Massacre
  • 1x Torment of Hailfire
  • 1x Ruination
  • 1x Mogis, God of Slaughter
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