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BCW: Spectrum - Stitched White Playmat

BCW: Spectrum - Stitched White Playmat


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The solid color playmats from the BCW brand have shifted to our Spectrum line of card game and board game accessories. Like the original playmats, these playmats have a nice fabric over a thick neoprene layer and have stitched edges to prevent the sides from fraying. The only difference is the subtle spectrum logo replaces the BCW logo, and the gold dragon printed on the original version has been omitted. The packaging changed to a prism with a small window that displays the enclosed color. The original UPC's have been updated, though the SKUs have not changed. Quality meets affordability

  • •Smooth surface protects your cards during game play
  • •Stitched border ensures no fraying of the edges
  • •Machine washable! (Gentle cycle - dry flat)
  • •Soft cushioned material grips snug to smooth areas Dimensions61 x 35 cm (About 24" x 13")

Not only do playmats help ensure that your cards have a clean surface to play on, they also establish your own play-space in crowded tournament environments.

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